Final Year Project 2011-Information System Engineering

a final year student of Information System Engineering,UiTM Shah Alam.updated progress on my final year project.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

pilot-brief description

Tittle: Gather Requirements using the JAD technique 

Case Study : 
  • Who: Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (LUAS) & Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB)
  • What: Comparison of the government sector and the private sector of the JAD sessions
Project Background
  • Joint Application design (JAD) is a technique used to expedite the investigation of system requirements. The normal interview and discussion approach, as explained earlier, requires a substantial amount of time. The analyst first meet with the users, then document the discussion by writing notes and building models, and then review and revise the models. Unresolved issues are placed on an open-items list and may require several additional meetings and reviews to be finalized. (System and Analysis Design,5th edition,John Satzinger, Robert Jackson, Stephern Burd,2009)
  • The government sector is a part of the state that deals with either the production, delivery and allocation of goods and services by and for the government or its citizens, whether national, regional or local or domestic. The organization of the government sector (government ownership) can take several forms, including:

  1. Direct administration funded through taxation; the delivering organization generally has no specific requirement to meet commercial success criteria, and production decisions are determined by government.
  2. Publicly owned corporations which differ from direct administration in that they have greater commercial freedoms and are expected to operate according to commercial criteria, and production decisions are not generally taken by government (although goals may be set for them by government).
  3. Partial outsourcing (of the scale many businesses do, e.g. for IT services), is considered a government sector model

  • Private sector is the part of the economy that is not state controlled, and is run by individuals and companies for profit. The private sector covers all for-profit businesses that are not owned or operated by the government. 
Problem Statement:

Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (LUAS) is a young government enterprise in the information technology field. They are not use to such an environment, when a JAD session is conducted during the phase of gathering requirements they are confused and misleading during the session.

Based on the earlier JAD session conducted, (refer to appendix: Video during the JAD session) all the stakeholders are present during the session. During the JAD session, LUAS had explained their business rules and process flows to produce licenses for the usage of commercial use of water in Selangor. Subsequently, informing the project team members on what do they want in the system. The way that they have explained, they understand that they only want the current manual system to be automated in the sense that, all the manual writings and physical files are placed in a virtual form.